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Circadian Clock on Ionizing Radiation-Induced Testicular Injury

Serpil Çiftel, Filiz Mercantepe, Levent Tümkaya, Tolga Mercantepe, Sema Yılmaz Rakıcı, Enver Çiftel

(Endocrinol Res Pract 2024; 28: 113-120) DOI: 10.5152/erp.2024.23354

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Significance of the Visceral Adiposity Index and Other Indicators in Identifying Metabolic Subtypes

Fatma Nur Korkmaz, Asena Gökçay Canpolat, Demet Çorapçıoğlu

(Endocrinol Res Pract 2024; 28: 87-93) DOI: 10.5152/erp.2024.23339

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Perioperative Blood Pressure Control in Pheochromocytoma: The Role of Intravenous Urapidil

Egemen Tural, Levent Özsarı

(Endocrinol Res Pract 2024; 28: 133-136) DOI: 10.5152/erp.2024.23378

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